George Visger San Francisco 49ers

George Visger San Francisco 49ers

George Visger – Speaker, Author, Consultant

38 Year Odyssey from Football Caused TBI

George Visger, is positively evolutionizing the way TBI and Football are viewed.

“Exceptionally responsible and dedicated person of the highest character.
He will undoubtedly bring honesty and integrity to his job.”
Jason Luckasevic, Lead Counsel on NFL Brain Injury Lawsuit and Senior Partner in Goldberg, Persky & White
“I have witnessed George’s dedication to the community and support to those whose lives have been devastated by brain injuries.
He works tirelessly to help survivors that others have ignored, and it is my honor to recommend him.”
Jim Roxburgh, Former COO of Dignity Health Tele-medicine and COO and Co- Founder VeeMed, Inc.
“George won a Super Bowl ring and suffered a traumatic brain injury playing with the 1981 San Francisco 49ers,
and earned a Biology degree in 1990 while surviving many emergency brain surgeries. Despite his medical setbacks,
instead of hiding and becoming bitter, George has become an active and ardent advocate for patients suffering from traumatic brain injuries. He is honest as the day is long, and altruistic much like the best physicians with whom I work.”
Dr. Richard Ellenbogen, Professor and Chairman, Department of Neurosurgery Theodore S Roberts Endowed Chair and Residency Program Director University of Washington Neurosciences Institute Director American Board of Neurological Surgery President, American Society of Pediatric Neurosurgeons

My Mission is to Spread the Word that TBI Help is Available

I began my football career over 45 years ago at the age of 11 and was hospitalized with my most severe concussion during my 3rd year of Pop Warner at age 13. I suffered a concussion against the Dallas Cowboys, was told to “suck it up” and was administered over 20 smelling salts to keep me on the field. A Super Bowl win and 9 brain surgeries later, it’s time we address this issue and find ways to help the millions of kids who have and will suffer the long term affects from concussions.